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For your optional homework this half term please see the Knowledge Organiser (KO) and the grid of suggested tasks. 

Please choose set A or B to learn.

We have returned to placing the words in a sentence. This is to help the retention of the words by learning them in context.


Spellings week of 24/1/22

Set A and B- please scroll down to look at the statutory spellings lists attached below. Choose 5- 8 words that you personally need to learn. Discuss their meaning with an adult and see if you can put them in 2 or 3 sentences. 


Spellings - week of 14/1/22 (apologies for the delay this week)

Set A


It was official. The residential was cancelled due to torrential rain causing the building to flood.​

The government played an influential part in a substantial change in anti-social behaviour​.

It was essential that the files remained confidential.​

Set B


Facial hair (like a beard) isn't easy to look after.​

The special fruit looked artificial.​

They're partial to social events.


Spellings- week of 7/1/22

Set A

There was not enough cheese, so I did a thorough check and bought some more.

I ought to practise my spellings, but sought different activities to do instead.

After I ate a whole tub of play-dough, I had a terrible cough; I told my mum I should have thought before I ate it.


Set B     

I thought about making pizza, although I didn't have any dough.

My brother was playing a bit too rough for me.

The dessert was tough and chewy.


Spellings- week of 10/12/21

Set A

It is crucial that a superhero’s cape must be securely attached.

In order to appear especially vicious, all evil geniuses’ cats must have razor-sharp claws.

Should a wardrobe malfunction occur, the evil genius’s back up disguise must be easily available.


Set B     

A superhero’s cape must be securely attached.

Whilst saving the world, avoid destroying citizens’ homes.

The evil genius’s cat was vicious.


Spelling 3/12/21

Set A

It’s a malicious thing to say,” replied the teacher.

As the Batmobile shot off the cliff, its wings extended so it wouldn’t fall.  

In case you didn’t know, you can’t drive without a licence.  


Set B

The bicycle wouldn’t work because the chain fell off.

We’re off!” exclaimed the famous superheroes.

If you want directions, I’ve got a map.  

Spelling 26/11/21

Set A

Incredibly, the precious stone was stolen from the vault.

We're interested in the source of these fictitious rumours. 

The doctor was immediately conscious that the patient was infectious.

Quick as lightning, the vicious dragon tensed his muscles.


Set B

The amateur chef created an ambitious menu.

There was a suspicious figure lurking in the darkness.

“That was delicious!” exclaimed the boy.


Spellings 19/11/21

Revision/ personal spellings- please take this week to reflect back on the spellings learned so far, thinking about any spellings rules that went with them. If you are feeling confident, challenge yourself to find words that might follow the same spelling rules. For example, -ce or -se (noun vs verb). Can you find any exceptions to the rules?


Spellings 8/11/21


Set A: based on ce se homophones and near homophones

Now my mum has got her driving licence, she can drive to the doctor's practice so she can advise people on their health

It is only certain people that are licensed to issue life-saving advice on medication.

People have devised a new machine to detect viruses, but you have to practise really hard to use the device.


Set B: based on common homophones and near homophones

There were two hours left to catch our train, which then came too early.

The drivers forgot their change of timetable.

They’re all confused, so are running late.


Spellings 18/10/21


Set A: taken from the year 5/6 spelling list

The local community committee met to discuss the damage which occurred to the cemetery.

It became apparent they were keen to communicate. They thought it was a controversy and were conscious it was an act of aggression.

The decision was to launch a competition to redesign the ancient site, appealing to the conscience of the locals to help.


Set B: taken from the year 3/4 spelling list

I couldn’t believe I was so busy; my calendar was full.

The business was set up to build churches.

I found it hard to breathe; they had caught me.


Spellings 11/10/21


Set A: taken from the year 5/6 spelling list

I appreciate the bargain made people feel awkward.

The attached reference needs to be filed in the category for amateur referees

Luckily, the medics are always available, as on average, I receive a bruise every game.


Set B: taken from the year 3/4 spelling list

I couldn’t believe how out of breath I was.

It took ages to arrive, as I went on my bicycle.

The answer seemed to just appear on the page.

Spellings 01/10/21


Set B

My preference is to be referred to the doctor.

I wrote her reference yesterday.

The bank is currently transferring your money.


Set A

The player was miserable about being transferred to a new team.

I referred to my previous spellings when writing my reference.

I chose not to take the trip to Mars, preferring Jupiter instead.  


Spellings- 24/9/21


Set B

The valuable vase was breakable.

Incredibly, the Jabberwocky’s claws were razor-sharp.

Enviably, the Hulk became invincible.


Set A

Sensibly, the boy realised that the berries were not edible.

Incredibly, the accident caused by the amateur gymnast did not result in a horrible injury.

Although the present was not valuable, it was extremely breakable.

Spellings- 17.09.21

spelling list A

accommodate, accompany, according, achieve, aggressive, amateur, ancient, apparent


spelling list B

accident, accidentally, actual, actually, address, although


To help learn the words try:

  • putting them into silly sentences
  • write all the letters in different colours
  • make pictures round them
  • create pyramids with them (ask your teacher if unsure on this one) 



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